Poem – Cecil (10/4/2003)



Just a kid in a disco

With an east-side garçonnière

And a tidy phalanx of body guards


It was a fun night and a

great story: a crown-prince

Then on the cover of ‘Time’

“Forty-third reincarnation of the god



The feathers of the years fly from

their pillow.

An occasional mention in the press:

Plays saxophone

Likes to snap shots




But an intriguing wife with

Dynastic designs, a recalcitrant

Son with a personal armory, and

A family dinner with an Elizabethan



A Shakespearean meal

Where a king and a prince meet

And every thing ends in mincemeat


Some say a good king

Some say not

From reforming youth devolves

A frustrated middle age


And Maoist rebels; what

do I know?

He was a kid in the discotheque



Sometimes the Hero

Becomes the Dragon

And the staff sweeps the bones

from the mouth

of the



Rene Ricard

October 4, 2003


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