Poem – Chest of Gold (1979)

A chest of gold. A hairy chest filled with gold

on the beach. Ireland has the Catholics

Germany has the Jews America has the Negro

and Darling, I have you.      Flash on

Blazing Star. Those dreams are not of

excellence.      Boys in tubs.  Light and

shade.   Late in life.   He kissed me

like a mouse nibbling cheese without

setting off the trap.   To be discovered

by circumstance.       C.P.W.  I’ve been

lording over a hot slave all night.

The history of the high heel.       Shoptalk

on Olympus.   “The happy bird sings.

The unhappy bird dies,” Maria Callas.

With all my heart I still love the

man I killed.

Poem – After a Nap, Rip Van Winkle Finds a Basket of Erotes (2005)

After a Nap, Rip Van Winkle Finds a Basket of Erotes

                          Rene Ricard

The first question of course is: “After fifteen years

Do I need these little loves.”   Of course not.

Nor, are they desireable. The attrition announces

Itself when old Rip can’t remember how the subject

Gets placed in the conversation. “How do I introduce

These charming if pesky Erotes to whomever

They would most profit me to know.”

Love, Love, Love

What a Beautiful thing during the Beauty

Years. But poor ole Rip is Sixty with a

Raging hard-on. How cute is that?

He tries to ignore it. The Erotes, however,

Are continually manipulating his already

“Febrile” member. Ignoring ‘it’ during the Day

Only leads to “In bed the tears run into your Ears.”

Rip feels sure, however

That he will take a chance, some-

How his hoary beard and old but long

And thick Dutch cock, will appeal

To a young, lonely, insecure



June                                       2005

Poem – The Secret (2006)

The Secret


The Heroin mixed w/ the

Free-Base and apparently I am

Having Blackouts. I say

Apparently since I’ve no

Recollection of — Sacking my

Already “who did it and ran”

Apartment.        The neighbors

Complaining about the loud fights

In my place. I was alone!

I’d surely like to remember if

Someone were there w/ me — Even

A fight to quench this Sahara of

Loneliness I’ve placed myself


Do I have a secret

Life where I am even engaging in

Domestic quarrels? Wouldn’t that

Be civilized! From me though it

Is probably one of a multitude of personalities

Showing off for the others.


R Ricard ‘06